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Welcome to Abbott's Frozen Custard in New Orleans.  It's wonderful to have you here. 

My Story

Hello Friends,

     My name is Katie Kolthoff. I grew up in Rochester New York and Milwaukee Wisconsin, both huge frozen custard cities. Frozen custard is ice cream that is made with egg yolks and churned in a way to make it dense, rich and creamy. My very favorite type of frozen custard is Abbott’s of Rochester, NY. The family recipe is the best I have ever tasted and I simply cannot get enough of it. In fact, there’s only one thing that I enjoy more… the city of New Orleans. The first time I ventured to New Orleans was during Mardi Gras ‘93 as a college student from
Western New York. I may have not known much about the world then, but I was absolutely certain that one day I would call New Orleans my home. This place is filled with genuinely loving, generous, beautiful people- people who delight in pageantry, absurdities and spectacles.
People who love to socialize. Twenty-five years later I made that dream come true. My life was perfect… almost. If I could just get a scoop of Abbott’s. I quickly realized that my new home did not have frozen custard and if I wanted to eat it every day, I’d have to make it myself. I
called up the Abbott’s folks and told them it was imperative I open up my own shop.
    Abbott’s is very much a tight-knit, family business that values traditions and preservation of local culture. I am extremely proud to be a part of it and I am grateful to be able to share it with you.

     It all began in 1902, when Arthur Abbott created this incredible recipe and began selling it in the New York City area. He eventually settled in Rochester, NY and opened the first stand on Lake Avenue in 1926. After his horse, Blue Man, came in third in the 1952 Kentucky Derby, he decided to retire and sold Abbott’s Frozen Custard to the Schreiber family. The headquarters is still located in the apartment office above that stand and they are still churning custard there to this day. The current Abbott’s family consists of Gail Drew nee Schreiber, her son, Brenden, Joe, Rob, Eric and Crystal, all of whom have scooped Abbott’s as teenagers. The doors to the first Abbott’s in New Orleans swung open on August 13th 2020. Starting business amidst a global pandemic and the worst hurricane season since 2005 is far from ideal, but I have no regrets. I have a great crew who shares the passion of making delicious frozen custard fresh each day. I get to wake up in the French Quarter and say hello to all my friends as I stroll along its beautiful streets on my way to the shop on Toulouse Street. I love what I do and I love this city. Thank you for having me, New Orleans.
Katie Kolthoff,
Owner, Abbott’s Frozen Custard of New Orleans

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